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Investor is a software for financial analysis, estimation, pricing and profit calculation of different investment strategies (Hedge, Arbitrage, Speculate, etc.) of underlying assets (stocks, currencies, etc.) and derivatives (Options, Forwards, etc.). Investor includes analysis of different combinations of Calls, Puts, portfolios of securities and Options, Spreads (Bull/Bear, Butterfly, Calendar), Combinations (Strangles, Straddles, Strips, Straps) and exact and approximate methods of Option pricing. It performs Black-Scholes analysis for European Options, analytic approximations for American Options, it constructs binomial trees. Investor's help panes describe every part of the software in detail with underlying formulas and assumptions. Investor builds graphs and allows graph dynamic interactive manipulation by changing values in text fields and sliders. It displays values for chosen(by mouse click) graph point.

With INVESTOR you can dramatically increase your investment return and manage risk!

Try Investor - the great tool for investors and traders!

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To run Investor, click on “Investor.jar” file.
In order to run Investor, you need to have Java installed on your computer. If you do not have java installed, please go to the Java official web site and follow instructions for the Java installation.
To run investor from command line, go to the directory where “Investor.jar” resides and run the command: java -jar Investor.jar.

Minimized image of Arbitrage screenshot   Minimized image of Options Arbitrage screenshot

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If you are new to financial world you might need some help in understanding financial math, analysis, derivatives and other advanced topics. Our Investor Primer is a resource developed to help the beginners. Please visit Investor Primer - information page about investment basics, financial math, etc.
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What is Investor? With Investor you get:
CheckMark Image Investment analysis with different approaches (Arbitrage,Trade, Hedge, Speculation)
CheckMark Image Different trading strategies
CheckMark Image Different option pricing model implementations (Black-Scholes, Bin-Trees, Approximate methods)
CheckMark Image Dynamic, interactively rescalable, pleasant looking, colorful graphs with showing values for each point of the graph
CheckMark Image Explanation (help system) with all the underlying assumptions and formulas
CheckMark Image Bonus games

How can you benefit from Investor? With Investor you can:
CheckMark Image Dramatically increase your investment return. To learn how please CLICK HERE
CheckMark Image Protect your investment in any market movement scenario. To learn how please CLICK HERE
CheckMark Image Eliminate risk using hedging strategies. To learn how please CLICK HERE
CheckMark Image Design your investment with predictable outcome. To learn how please CLICK HERE

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